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PARIS 8th office building.

Project Management





Delivered in 2022


2000 m2 + parking

Major rehabilitation and upgrading project for an eight-story office building. The building was completely cleaned, leaving only the post/beam structure and also the facades which were only slightly modified. The particularity of this building is that it is long, very narrow and high. The "main staircase and elevators" assembly was moved and enclosed by glass walls to give transparency and not share the space visually, the staircase being treated in metal to assert the lightness of the whole. Sets of false ceilings define the circulation and work volumes. All levels are treated in open space with pre-wired raised technical floors ready for use

current floor from 2nd to 4th PARIS 8th.

Main vertical circulation from the mezzanine to the 7th floor.

Creation of a hopper and a staircase on 8 levels.

Construction site: Installation of the metal staircase (on all eight levels).

office entrance hall

Hall d'entrée

Circulation of an office level

Current floor from the mezzanine to the 4th.

entrance hall detail

Entrance hall detail

circulation 1

Ground floor, access circulation to a meeting room and serving the toilets, a shower room and a technical room.

traffic 2
detail 1
detail 2

Health group details

detail 3

Partial detail sections of the main staircase

detail 4
facade courtyard
main evacuation staircase

Restaurant O'THALI


Fast food

Project Management



Paris 1st



With Philippe de Fouchier Architect

restaurant layout 1

Project for a takeaway and fast food restaurant near the Paris Stock Exchange. Although the space is relatively small, it nevertheless had to be very fluid and have a careful decoration worthy of high-end takeaway meals and meet a demanding and busy clientele.

Careful work on the spaces through the use of false ceilings, the choice of materials and the play of lights.

Speed of execution....

aménagement restaurant 2

Tours Monoprix



Project Management

Duthoo group



With Philippe de Fouchier Architect

prisunic facade 1
interior prisunic 1

This commercial building, formerly “Grand Bazar et Nouvelles Galeries”, has always been an emblematic architectural element of the city of Tours. Ideally located, on the very commercial Rue Nationale and on the corner of the Prefecture, since 1878 it has been an essential place for the inhabitants of Tours and its surroundings. Such a space perfectly meets the demand for large and medium-sized sales areas in city centers. The project therefore consists of the creation/rehabilitation of a MONOPRIX store with long glass facades on the street and deliveries on an annex street, an elegant and contemporary architecture integrating into the existing building without distorting it. As Rue Nationale is now partially pedestrianized, the store has once again become what it was at the beginning of the last century, an essential place for walking and shopping for residents of Tours.

interior prisunic 2
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