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Environmental studies

Subject to public inquiry

Maîtrise d'Ouvrage





As part of a project to extend metro line 1 from Château de Vincennes to Val-de-Fontenay subject to public inquiry, it is planned that a section will be buried under part of the Bois de Vincennes. Various equipment such as a rectification station (electric transformer), ventilation grilles or even firefighter access are located in the wooded areas.

This study is a proposal for “dressing” the rectification station. This will be 120 m2 on the ground (probably 10mx12m) and a height of approximately 7m. In order not to distort the environment and the majesty of the wood, we propose to use this unsightly volume to create an observation tower that walkers can walk through to discover the canopy of the wood and perhaps observe the medieval castle of Vincennes from a new angle. This tower will encompass and surround the recovery center by a partly self-supporting pedestrian ramp up to a high platform supported by a metal structure formed by cylindrical posts.

The desire is to express lightness and elegance as discreetly as possible.

Alternative principle to the extension route of line 1 Bois de Vincennes
Observation tower-Vincennes
Observation tower-Vincennes-view
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